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SBL-3 IOL: satisfactory option also for visually highly demanding patients

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First Author: M.Izák SLOVAKIA

Co Author(s):    K. Selecka Mozuchova   A. Izakova   O. Rastocka              

Abstract Details


To evaluate the Refractive and Visual outcomes of the rotationally asymetric SBL-3 IOL with a middle follow- up time (mean = 11,39 months)


IzakVisionCenter, Bansk�Ã�¡ Bystrica, Slovakia


106 eyes of 59 patients (32 males and 27 females) underwent an uneventful phacosurgery with SBL-3 IOL implantation. The age of the group was 34 -74 years (mean = 56,1 years). The preop. refraction was emetropic in 22 eyes ( 20,75%), hyperopic ( � to � D of SfEq) in 75 eyes ( 70,75%) and myopic ( -1 to -2 D of SfEq) in 9 eyes (8,5%). The operated lens was clear to slightly opaque. BCVA 1,0 to 0,8 was in 90 eyes (84,9%), 0,7 and less in 16 eyes (15,1%).


Postop. UDVA 1,0 to 0,8 was in 89 eyes(83,96%) and 0,7 and less in 17 eyes (16,04%). Postop. BCDVA was 1,0 to 0,8 in 101 eyes(95,28%) and 0,7 and less in 5 eyes (4,72%). Near vision was perfect without any correction in 106 eyes (100%). Normal range of Contrast Sensitivity was confirmed in all postop. eyes. Very small myopic shift was recorded in 19 eyes (21%). Three eyes were neccessary to correct by LASEK. One eye was reoperated because of IOL slight rotation (10 gr.). No IOL tillt was recorded. Ghosting: 5 pat. (8 eyes), Hallo/Glare: 3 pat. (6 eyes)


Thanks to SBL 3 segmented bifocal construction Refractive and Visual Outcomes are excellent with a very few dysphotopsia effects. Subjectively very satisfactory result (distance, intermadiate, and near vision) was recorded in 55 patients (93,2%)

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