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Find out more about the ESCRS Education committee, our vision and the educational content provided to all ESCRS members.

ESCRS aims to provide world-leading educational opportunities to its membership in a trusted, effective and sustainable manner. Content is drawn from the ESCRS Winter and Annual Congresses, EuroTimes interviews and articles, past webinars, online eLearning modules, accredited iLearn modules, Academies and Masterclasses. ESCRS also provides exclusive in-person learning opportunities to help its membership excel in their field through continued learning and development.

How essential is education to ESCRS?

In this video Rudy Nuijts, Chair of the Education Committee, talks about why education is ESCRS's main activity, and the learning opportunities it provides for its members, including congresses, online education services and resources.

Our vision

As the Education committee our mission is to help our peers excel in their field through continued learning and development

By providing opportunities to grow together we can all push the field of ophthalmology forward.

What we offer

ESCRS iLearn

CME accredited interactive courses.


An online library of presentations.


Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery & EuroTimes.

Education Committee

  • Rudy Nuijts (Chairperson), The Netherlands
  • Michael Amon, Austria
  • Sava Barisic, Serbia
  • Roberto Bellucci, Italy
  • Alja Crnej, Slovenia
  • Oliver Findl, Austria
  • Thomas Kohnen, Germany
  • Dominique Monnet, France
  • Sorcha Ní Dhubhghaill, Belgium
  • Richard Packard, UK
  • Stefan Palkovits, Austria
  • Vladimir Pfeifer, Slovenia
  • Vincent Qin, Belgium
  • Filomena Ribeiro, Portugal
  • Paul Rosen, UK
  • Marie-José Tassignon, Belgium
  • Myriam Böhm, Germany
  • Artemis Matsou, Greece
  • Anas Alexis Benyoussef, France