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Study of the performance of AcrySof IQ PanOptix

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First Author: D.Dias PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    A. Abreu   J. Coelho   D. Jose   M. Lume   R. Salgado   M. Brochado     

Abstract Details


To assess the refractive results, vision quality and patient satisfaction at first, third and sixth month after implantation of the Acrysof IQ Panoptix.


Department of Ophthalmology of a tertiary referral centre in Oporto, Portugal - Centro Hospitalar e Universit�Ã�¡rio do Porto


Prospective study of 30 eyes from 15 patients assessed for cataract surgery and Acrysof IQ Panoptix implantation. The following parameters were evaluated before and at months 1, 3 and 6 after surgery: demographic data; uncorrected and corrected visual acuity (VA) at far, intermediate (decimal scale) and near (Jaeger charts) distances and corresponding manifest refraction; vision quality - using contrast sensitivity test (in scotopic and photopic conditions) and glare sensitivity test (at 1, 5 and 100 cd/m2); macular and retinal nerve fiber layer (RFNL) and optic disc measurements by spectral-domain OCT (Heidelberg�Â�®); endothelial cell counts; patient satisfaction and lens power used.


Mean age at surgery was 56.7 years. Before surgery: mean BCVA was 0.91 (min 0.8; max 1.0) and median addition for near was �.50. Significantly better uncorrected VA for distance, intermediate and near vision were achieved after surgery (p<0.05). Postoperative spherical equivalent was within �Â�±1.00 diopters in all eyes. All eyes had Jaeger 1 at near without correction. There was no significant reduction of RNFL after surgery. There was a mild non-significant reduction of endothelial cell count in the first month after surgery (p>0.05). There were no significant variations in contrast sensitivity, neither in photopic nor in scotopic conditions.


According to the literature PanOptix may be a viable choice for patients who require optimal vision across all distances and minimal use of spectacle correction. In our study Acrysof IQ Panoptix intraocular lens implantation provided good visual function, yield good contrast sensitivity under photopic and scotopic conditions and provided good patient satisfaction.

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