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If patients do not agree for surgery...

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First Author: E.Machowicz-Matejko POLAND

Co Author(s):    T. Zarnowski                    

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To treat basal cell carcinoma of the medial eye angle with no-surgery method.


Department of Diagnostics and Microsurgery of Glaucoma, Medical University in Lublin, Chmielna 1 Str, 20-079 Lublin, Poland.


Three patients with basal cell carcinomas of the medial eye angle after the diagnostic biopsy decided not to be operated and not to undergo any radiation method. They agree only for a superficial local treatment. An alternative was 5% imiquimod ointment (Aldara) use for basal cell carcinoma for a six month period: 3 times a week per month (two months), one month break and next two months of therapy. Patients were monitored in next two months, then six and twelve months time. The total follow up of the first patient lasted three years, and the next ones �â�€�“ one year.


We observed a good cosmetic effect of local 5% imiquimod treatment in palpebral BCC cases . During the therapy, we noticed a slight irritation of the conjunctiva. However it was well tolerated by patients, who used additionally preservative-free lubricants in eye drops and gels. Clinically, we observed the reduction of the pathological tissue and reddish scar formation. With the time, tissue cicatrix started to seem the healthy skin and could be visible only under the microscope. The most important was patients` satisfaction because of a very good cosmetic effect of the treatment and no �â�€�œtouch of the knife�â�€�.


If patients with basal cell carcinomas do not want to be operated we still have another treatment method. Local 5% imiquimod treatment is a good alternative for these groups of patients. The ointment is well tolerated and leads to satisfactory therapeutic and cosmetic effects.

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