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Efficacy of optic-reconstructive surgical interventions in patients who suffered eye traumas in combat operations

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First Author: J.Getman UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    V. Serdiuk   s. Ustimenko   V. Golovkin   V. Semenko           

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To study optical reconstructive surgical interventions in patients suffered eye traumas in military operations.


Dnepropetrovsk regional clinical ophthalmic hospital


Under our observation there were 40 patients (40 eyes) suffered mine-blast trauma in the region of combat operations in the east of Ukraine. In all patients there were diagnosed penetrating wounds of the cornea in the optic zone with damage of the iris, traumatic cataract, hemophthalm, retinal detachment and presence of intraocular foreign body. Period of patients�â�€�™ delivery to the hospital was 10 hours on average. These patients underwent simultaneous combined opticreconstructive surgical intervention �â�€�“ subtotal vitrectomy, phacoemulsification of cataract with IOL implantation, iridoplasty and through keratoplasty.


Anatomical integrity of the eyeball and all its structures was restored in all cases. Within a month after surgical intervention average maximally corrected vision acuity made up 0,12�Â�±0,08, intraocular pressure (IOP) was normal on 28 eyes (70,0 %) and on average it made up 18,8�Â�±0,5 mmHg., on the rest 12 eyes (30,0%) secondary glaucoma developed. Level of IOP on these eyes made up 2�Â�±1,8 mm Hg. on average. These patients underwent implantation of Ex-PRESS valve.


Taking into account the fact that injured people in the overwhelming majority are of employable age, it is of extreme importance to restore visual functions and anatomical structure of the vision organ and full medical rehabilitation, to the fullest extent possible; this causes the necessity of carrying out simultaneous combined optic-reconstructive surgical interventions.

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