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Conjunctival lymphoma revealing systemic lymphoma

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First Author: K.Belkhadir MOROCCO

Co Author(s):    I. Sabrane   S. Bencheqroun   R. Daoudi   O. Cherkaoui           

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Conjunctival malignancies are rare, and of varied histological origins. They may be melanin, epithelial, conjunctival chorion, or metastatic. Conjunctival lymphomas are part of the tumors of the conjunctival chorion. They may be strictly localized to the conjunctiva or reveal a systemic lymphoma. We present the case of two patients with conjunctival tumors revealing systemic lymphoma


H�Ã�´pital des Sp�Ã�©cialit�Ã�©s.Ibn Sina University HospitalUniversity Mohammed VRabat-Morocco


The first patient is a 52-year-old man, who has been in the emergency department for left eye swelling for 5 months. The clinical examination found a visual acuity without correction to 10/10th, with a bulky mass of the lower conjunctiva, salmon pink color, indurated on palpation, with a limitation of the down look. An orbital CT confirmed the presence of an intra-orbital tissue lesion, extra-ocular, infiltrating the right internal and lower right muscles without separation. A conjunctival biopsy with immunohistochemistry revealed lymphoma of the marginal zone.


The second patient is a 72-year-old man with no pathological history, who has consulted for the same reason. Initial clinical examination found a visual acuity corrected to 8/10th with a bulky conjunctival swelling encompassing the superior conjunctiva of the right eye. Orbital CT confirms the tissue process, infiltrating the upper right and outer right muscles. The biopsy complement revealed lymphoma of the marginal zone.Both patients were referred to Hematology, where a systemic assessment revealed systemic marginal lymphoma, for which systemic chemotherapy was indicated


Conjunctival lymphoma is a rare conjunctival tumor, but should be sought when a salmon pink tumor of the conjunctiva is found. A biopsy is necessary to confirm the diagnosis and to study the disease extension, which may reveal a systemic disease.

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