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First Author: V.Suvajac SERBIA

Co Author(s):    G. Suvajac   J. Suvajac   K. Savic   V. Novakovic   M. Vujanic   B. Djurovic

Abstract Details


To compare efficacy, safety and predictability of Photorefractive Keratectomy compared to Laser in Sity Keratomileusis for the correction of high myopic astigmatism with cylinder component greater then 2.50 diopters (D).


,,Profesional – dr Suvajac’’ Private Eye Clinic, Belgrade, Serbia


Preoperative and postoperative data of 40 consecutive eyes that had undergone LASIK and 20 eyes that had undergone PRK for correction of high myopic astigmatism with cylinder greater then 2.50 diopters(D) were analyzed in this retrospective cohort study. Average age was 32,80±8,1 years in the LASIK group and 32,45±8,1 in PRK group(p=0.875) Preoperative spherical equivalent(SE) and manifest subjective cylinder were -3,58±1,33 and -3,38±0,33 in the LASIK group and -4,64±2,79 and -3,33±0,46 in PRK group. There was no significant difference between the groups neither in SE, nor the subjective cylinder(p=0.433 and P=0.425)


Postoperative SE in LASIK group was -0,08±0,54 and -0,34±0,99 in PRK(p=0.525 ).Postoperative cylinder in LASIK group was -0,67±0,64 and -0,40±0,60 in PRK(p= 0.116). Postoperative efficacy index was 1,08±0,14 in LASIK group and 1,00±0,22 in PRK(p=0.119). Safety index was 1,11±0,12 in LASIK group, and 1,12±0,24 in PRK(p=0.813). 70% of eyes in LASIK group were within ±0.50D of targeted emmetropia, while 95% of eyes were within ±1D. In PRK group 45% of eyes were within ±0.50D of emmetropia, while 70% were within ±1D.There was significant difference in predictability of postoperative equivalent between two groups(p=0.022).


Since the introduction of antimetabolite MMC use in PRK procedures for the treatment of higher myopic refractive errors, comparable results are obtained when compared to those of LASIK. In our patients, six months postoperatively, there were no significant differences between the two procedures regarding efficacy and safety, but overall predictability was better in LASIK group. In our opinion, based on the results obtained, PRK with adjunctive MMC use, although a bit less predictable compared to LASIK, is an efficient and safe option for the treatment of high myopic astigmatism.

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