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Assessment of patients with Behcet's disease who had acute attack and who were in remission with Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy (UBM)

Poster Details

First Author: y.acar ebcim TURKEY

Co Author(s):    K. Eltutar   T. Akcetin   S. Ozdogan Erkul        

Abstract Details


To assess changes in the anterior chamber morphology of the eyes of patients with Behcet Disease who had acute attack and who were in remission.


Istanbul Education and Research Hospital


The anterior segment structures of patients with Behcet Disease who had acute attack and who were in remission were assessed with UBM. Anterior chamber depth (ACD), lens thickness (LT), anterior chamber angle (ACA), ciliary body (CBT), sclera (ST) and iris thickness (IT), trabecular cilliary process distance (T-CPD), iris-ciliary process distance (I-CPD) were measured.Patients had an acute attack and patients in remission were compared. In statistical analyzes, 2-sample t test was used. .“p value” <0,05 was considered significant.


65 eyes of 41 patients with Behcet disease were included in the study.17 patients were male (41%) and 24 female (59%) with a mean age of 44.13(24-66).18 eyes(28%) had an acute uveitis attack.Average ACD, LT, ACA, CBT, ST, IT, T-CPD, I-CPD values in the eyes with acute attack were 2.94mm, 3.98mm, 39,610, 1.39mm, 0.90mm, 0.55mm,1.45mm, 1.08mm respectively,in the eyes in remission they were 2.66mm, 3.91mm, 34,170,1.20mm, 0.81mm, 0.50mm, 1.39mm, 1.01mm respectively.Average SCT(p=0.00), ST (p=0.001),IT(p=0.001), T-CPD(p=0.028) values in the eyes with acute attack were significantly higher. Average LT(p=0.290) and I-CPD(p=0.056) values between the eyes did not show a statistically significant difference.


Trabeculo-cilliary process distance cilliary body thickness, skleral thickness and iris thickness were measured significiantly higher in Behcet patients with acute attack than Behcet patients in remission.UBM is a useful instrument for determination of the ciliary body inflammation in acute uveitis attack and guiding the treatment.

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