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Novel approach to prevent pterygium recurrence

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First Author: O.Abdullah IRAQ

Co Author(s):                  

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Our country (Kurdistan region-Iraq) is hot and dry with a large number of high myopia (thin sclera). Scleromalacia developed in most of cases of myopic pterygium even sometimes occurs with normal patients. Using the standard dose and duration of mitomycin C. Therefore, this study focused on finding to eliminate the scleromalacia.


A triangular fleshy mass of thickened conjunctiva occurring usually at the inner side of the eyeball, covering part of the cornea, and causing a disturbance of vision


A case control study was carried out in three groups; Group A; graft and MMC, Group B; MMC and Group C; graft. The pterygium was excised in one cut at limbus. Avulsion for primary and shaving for recurrent cases. Then, approximately 1-2 mm tenon was excised under the free edges of conjunctiva, undermining was carried out with placing of MMC 0.25% for 30 seconds followed by copious irrigation and superior limbal autograft sutured with 8-0 vicryl.


A total of 130 eyes of 130 subjects including both genders randomly taken. Group A were 90 cases (60 recurrent), Group B were 20 cases (10 recurrent) and Group C were 20 (7 recurrent). Group A showed no recurrence, Group B showed 7 out of 20 recurrence and Group C showed 15 out of 20 recurrence.


The study showed that the combination between graft and MMC with shorter duration provides a better chance to prevent recurrence of pterygium and scleromalacia.

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