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Comparing nucleotomy techniques !!

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First Author: S.Fazili INDIA

Co Author(s):                  

Abstract Details


Alcon Infinity overlay is used to understand and compare the phaco time , torsional time and ' Common Dissipated Energy ' used in different nucleotomy techniques with an Alcon Infinity Phacoemulsification Unit in 4 cases of Grade 4 cataract


Fazili Eye Care Center Srinagar , Kashmir India .


Four cases , similar in age and level maturity ( Grade 4 ) were operated by the author using an Infinity phacoemulsification unit with Ozil . The recordings were done with an overlay showing the phaco time , torsional time and Common Dissipated Energy.At the end of the surgery these parameters are compared , highlighting the characteristics of the Divide & Conquer , Stop & Chop , Direct Chop and Trench & Chop in the four performed Grade 4 cataract phacoemulsifications .


Comparison of ' Common Dissipated Energency ' suggests values Divide & Conquer 33.14 ,Trench & Chop 28, Stop & Chop 14.90 , Chop 10.25


The relevance of this comparison of the nucleotomy techniques lies in other parameters being similar 1. Same Surgeon 2. Same Phacoemulsification Unit 3. Same Theatre 4. Same Grade Cataract . 5. similar slit lamp appearance on first post operative day . . The results document and correlate well with facts about nucleotomy techniques techniques already known . Chopping does away with the energy used in trenching , using mechanical manoeuvres to divide the nucleus .

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