ESCRS - 38th Congress of the ESCRS ;

38th Congress of the ESCRS

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Thank You’s

Update the site immediately following the event. This requires little effort, but can make a big impact.

  • Sponsors (with logos)
  • Partners (with logos)
  • Event Partners (with logos)
  • Speakers (with photos of keynote speakers)
  • Attendees
  • LOC and Scientific Programme Committee.


Some statistics can confirm the success of the event in the minds of the attendees and sponsors that will be retained for when you start to promote the next event. Try to track and capture as many statistics as possible. Metrics such as:

  • Website Traffic
  • Total Registrations
  • Unique Registrants
  • Total Number of Events
  • Total Attendance
  • Pass Sales
  • Twitter Total Reach
  • Facebook Total Reach
  • Blog Mentions
  • and more…

Aggregate Photos & Video

  • Upload a small selection of photos from the event.
  • Upload and tag these photos to a photo repository like “Flickr” for Facebook and tag them with your city’s twitter hashtag
  • Be sure to identify your highest quality photos and videos to be eventually displayed for future decks & website pages.
  • Inform the marketing team of your top photos and videos

Surveys / Feedback

Send a survey to all participants to better understand what you’re doing right and how you can do things better fro next time.