ESCRS - Patient Travel Carbon Calculator ;

Patient Travel Carbon Calculator

Cataract surgery emits an immense ~75kgCO2 per surgery: the equivalent of three trees per eye per year. In Europe alone, this is performed ~4,5 million times every year. 10-46% of these emissions are related to patient travel alone. Imagine the impact we as physicians can make…

A significant amount of patient travel is avoidable, if we change our practice patterns. This calculator helps to gain insight in what this means for you, your patients, and your environment. This educational tool is designed for institutions or clinics, but if you want to calculate your personal footprint savings, define yourself as an institution.

Cataract Surgery Information

e.g., (1 day postop + 1 week postop + 1 month postop) x 2 eyes = 6 visits per patient.
e.g. if 2 out of 6 visits could be remote, fill in: 2
Important since it saves more visits compared to delayed surgery
The time unit of your preference, e.g. per year of per month

Travel Information

Enter the proportion as a percentage. If unknown, please assume 90%.
Emissions are calculated per region in kgCO2 per km or mile)