ESCRS - Protocol for admitting export from the EUREQUO database to researchers ;

Protocol for admitting export from the EUREQUO database to researchers

The purpose of the EUREQUO database is to offer surgeons and clinics a tool for quality improvement by comparison and benchmarking. Every participating surgeon owns his/her own data.

The EUREQUO steering group will analyze the aggregated data in the total database while participating surgeons have the right to analyze and publish own data.

An export of selected data from the database can also be requested by external scientists for research purpose. The following rules apply when such a request appears.

Protocol for admitting data export from the EUREQUO database to external scientists

1. The request should be addressed to the EUREQUO Steering Group.

2. The EUREQUO steering group handles the request and decides whether to approve or deny it. This will take place during the ordinary steering group meetings twice a year.

3. The request must contain reasons for using EUREQUO data. A written research plan and (if applicable) approval by the ethics committee must complement the request.

4. The EUREQUO steering group must approve the use of EUREQUO data in a manuscript/ abstract before submission for publication/presentation. EUREQUO should be acknowledged if the project results in a publication and/or presentation. A log book tracing all changes to the original database, and output of all (statistical) analyses must accompany all requests for publication and/or presentation.

5. The research plan that contains a request for EUREQUO data must follow the intentions of the EUREQUO database. The goal of any research plan should be gaining new scientific knowledge in order to improve quality of care, or be a part of a quality improvement project. No underlying financial reasons or promotion of brands will be tolerated.

6. The exported data will be anonymous with regards to patients and surgeons. No intention to promote single participating clinics or surgeons will be accepted.

7. Delivery of data should be a one-time occasion and not be a continuous process over time. Data may only be used for the sole purpose for which approval by the steering group was granted. Failure to complete the project within deadline, may lead to withdrawal of the approval by the steering group.

8. Export of data from the EUREQUO database to an external scientist involves a selection of parameters in the database and the translation of raw database labels. This implies a cost that must be paid to EUREQUO/ESCRS by the requesting scientist.

The protocol has been approved by the EUREQUO steering group on 15 February 2017.

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