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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your benefits to take part in EUREQUO?

By collecting data you will be able to monitor your own results over time, or anonymously compare your results with other colleagues, clinics, countries. EUREQUO provides a means to audit surgical results and encourages surgeons to make adjustments to their techniques and improve their outcomes. The information can be used by the individual practitioner in presentations. On the national and international level, you will get a clear picture of the scope of surgical procedures being carried out.

What are the expenses?

The EUREQUO project is funded by ESCRS so there is no charge to the individual participating ophthalmic surgeon. All ESCRS members can participate in EUREQUO.

Ownership of data

Each participating center owns its own data. Each participating country owns its own data. The ESCRS owns the EUREQUO system and the total database and has the right to publish aggregated data from the whole database and to do statistics on the total database. Data in national registries and EMR systems are usually owned by reporting centers. This means that in most cases each center must be asked for permission before transferring data to the EUREQUO database.

What are the technical requirements for participating?

After registration as a user, internet access is required for entering and storing data within EUREQUO. The supported internet browsers are:
– Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
– Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
– Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
– Mozilla Firefox
– Opera

When can I start using EUREQUO?

You can start using EUREQUO once you have registered and have been issued with a log-in password to the system.

How much time does it take to enter the data into the form (cataract/refractive)?

The software is based on the experience and feedback of many registry systems. More than 90% of the entry fields can be handled just by mouse-click. With a standard internet access, the data entry for pre-op and intra-op data (all data collected in advance) can be realized between 1.0 and 1.5 minutes.

Can I use EUREQUO in my language?

The integrated software is translated in English, Spanish, and Greek.

How should I organize the workflow for collecting all relevant data?

The data which is required for EUREQUO data forms typically come from different sources within the eye care environment. Therefore it is recommended to collect the data within a folder or a special data form which can be combined with the patient chart. With this workflow the data can be entered into the EUREQUO application by any administration or technical staff.

How can we get data from our HIS/EMR into the data entry form?

The EUREQUO application allows the standardized and automated import of data. Individual interfaces need to be developed based on international IT standards (HL7). More information can be provided by the IT contractors ifa systems AG and integration:

How is data protection handled within EUREQUO?

Only anonymous data are stored within EUREQUO. Only clinical data without any demographic data are mandatory within the EURQUO datasets.

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