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Charities Supported by the ESCRS

Current Projects


The Society has decided to establish a fund to accept financial donations which will be directed exclusively to support ophthalmology-related relief efforts arising from the conflict in Ukraine. We can accept donations to the fund from ESCRS members as well as industry partners and fellow societies.

We are able to accept these donations via bank transfer and, if you are an ESCRS member and wish to contribute, please simply log in at this link using your membership details to access information on how to donate, which is a straightforward process. 

For industry partners or fellow societies, please email for information on how to make your donation. 

For our Ukrainian readers please click here for further useful information

Refugee Project in Greece

In 2018 ESCRS donated funds to support a project to provide eye care treatment to refugees in Greece. The project is run by the University of the Mountains, a voluntary, non-profit organisation in Crete. With the support from ESCRS, and support from Hellenic Society for Intraocular Implant and Refractive Surgery, the University of the Mountains set up a mobile unit equipped for carrying out eye examinations. Amongst the targets for the project is the preliminary diagnosis of keratoconus, which is extremely prevalent in the countries of origins for refugees.

Please click here to view further details of the project

Call for Surgeon Volunteers
If you are an ophthalmologist and would like information about volunteering in this project in Crete please contact us at for further information.

Eyes of the World

About Eyes of the World

Eyes of the World is a non-profit organization that helps visually impaired people without economic resources living in under-developed countries. The goals are that these people receive qualified ophthalmic care from their local health services and that conditions are created to help reduce pathological ocular incidence in each region. Eyes of the World also works at increasing public awareness in our social environment concerning the basic healthcare deficiencies in those places.