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Is EDOF lens implantation a solution in correcting young pesbyotic patients? The covid-19 pandemic influenced our work in the clinic?

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First Author: D. Stanila ROMANIA

Co Author(s):    A. Panga   A. Stanila                 

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The implantation of EDOF intraocular lenses seems to be a solution for the satisfaction of young presbyopian patients in full activity who do not want to wear glasses anymore. The aim of the paper is to show our experience in implanting EDOF intraocular lenses in young presbyopian patients with clear or partially opaque lens and the performance of these lenses.


OFTA TOTAL Clinic *, Lucian Blaga University, Medicine** Sibiu, Romania


We studied 72 eyes in 36 patients operated by FLACS (Femto Laser Asisted Cataract Surgery) with IOL EDOF implantation. We tested visual acuity, binocular vision, contrast sensitivity, ocular dominance before and after surgery. We opted for a mini monocular vision to enhance vision at close range. We prepared the dominant eye for the distance and the nondominant eye for near with a target of -0.50 diopter.


The results were good, patients being pleased both at a distance and at near vision. Distance vision was good at driving the car by night without halo, glare and starburst. Nearly sight vision was good respecting monovision. Although the results are satisfactory, there are still some questions. In the last year we have not noticed special pre, intra or postoperative situations related to the covid-19 pandemic situation. We observed the low addressability for premium IOLs, we presume that people are afraid because of the Corona virus infection, but also a factor could be the financial and social instability.


The EDOF intraocular lens implantation is a great solution especially for people in full activity who drive the car during the day and especially at night because it eliminates glare, halo and starburst and who greatly use their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, improving the quality of life. No special problems related with covid-19 pandemic.

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