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Refractive errors and contrast sensitivity and visual field changes after upper lid blepharoplasty: a long-term study

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First Author: H. Hasani IRAN

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To evaluate the upper lids blepharoplasty effect on the visual field, contrast sensitivity, and refractive errors in dermatochalasis.


Bina Eye Hospital, Tehran, Iran


In this quasi-experimental study, we evaluated dermatochalasis patients whom underwent upper lid blepharoplasty surgery regarding sphere, cylinder, astigmatism amount and axis, visual field index (VFI), fovea threshold, mean deviation (MD), pattern standard deviation (PSD) and contrast sensitivity before and after operation. These patients did not have any previous eye or orbit surgery.


A total of 82 eyelids of 41 dermatochalasis patients were included in this study. There was an increase in the mean of sphere in both eyes, a decrease in the mean of astigmatism, increase in the mean of two visual field indices (PSD and MD), and increase in the other two indices (VFI and fovea threshold). Also, the mean contrast sensitivity increased after surgery, all of which with a significant trend(P-value=0.001). Despite the decrease of the axis of astigmatism in the right eye, the observed changes were not statistically significant (P-value=0.1). However, axis changes within left eyes were significant (P-value=0.02)


Upper lid blepharoplasty in dermatochalasis creates significant improvement in the visual field, contrast sensitivity and decrease of astigmatism amount. Thus one can purpose blepharoplasty for the sake of therapeutic in addition to the cosmetic purposes.

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