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A new topography integrated wavefront-guided aberrometer used in LASIK treatment of a wide range of myopia

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First Author: M. Damani UK

Co Author(s):    D. Teenan   S. Hannan                 

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To analyse the clinical safety and efficacy along with patient reported outcomes of iDesign 2.0 in LASIK correction of varying levels of Myopia.


Private Refractive Surgery (Optical Express)


Outcomes of 1000 patients with a preoperative myopia range of -0.25D to -11.00D, and up to -5.50D of astigmatism. Patients underwent laser vision correction procedures using iDesign 2.0 between May 2019 and April 2020. Monocular and binocular UCDVA scores, manifest refraction, and patient reported outcomes were recorded 1 day, 1 month and 3 months post operatively. Clinical assessments, including any complications, were recorded in the electronic medical record then extracted.


The total number of patients included was 1000 (2000 eyes), with pre-op refractive range of -0.25D to -11.00D with up to -5.50D of astigmatism. One month postoperatively, 89.6% had MSE within 0.5D of emmetropia. Additionally, 93.7% of patients had monocular UCDVA of 6/6 or better and 99.7% had 6/12 or better; 98.7% patients had binocular UCDVA of 6/6 or better and 100% had 6/9 or better. 0.2% had a loss in BCDVA of > 2 lines. 95.3% of patients reported very satisfied or satisfied.


iDesign 2.0 provides a highly safe and effective treatment option for visual correction of myopia. Postoperative visual gains in UCDVA were significant with 98.7% reaching 20/20 or better by month 1. Patient reported satisfaction was also high at 95.3%. Complication rates were low and only 0.2% of patients recorded a loss of >2 lines BCDVA.

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