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Festival and ocular firecracker injury: a case series

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First Author: P. Sharma INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Kacholia   R. Kumar Sharma   N. Jhamb              

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To describe the epidemiology of Ocular trauma on Diwali night in a tertiary hospital setting ..


Our study is a retrospective study documenting the clinical profile of ocular firecracker injuries and its visual outcomes in patients presenting to the emergency department of tertiary eye care centre on Diwali night, highlighting the importance of firecracker as an avoidable cause of blindness.


Medical records of all cases of ocular trauma which presented to the emergency department at Tertiary Eye Centre on Diwali night were reviewed to collect data on ocular trauma according tothe Birmingham Eye Trauma Terminology System.


101 patients attended emergency services. The mean age was 19 years (2.5 years - 60 years) .93% were males. Fourteen had bilateral injury giving a total of 115 eyes injured. Seven had no perception of light on presentation, seven had inaccurate projection. 83% closed globe injuries. 66% were actively involved in burning crackers.Most common was corneal abrasion 47% followed by hyphaema 31%.13.8% were admitted and treated surgically. One patient had auto evisceration of ocular contents due to high velocity impact of firecracker.One had intraocular foreign body. One developed endophthalmitis on second post op day of perforation repair.


Ocular trauma is very common in firecracker injury. Firecracker injury is avoidable cause of blindness. Since it affects the young productive population of the country better awareness, education, alertness and ocular protection can prevent injuries which range from minor to permanent damage.

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