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Chorioretinal folds revealing a mucocele reccurence

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First Author: I. Messafi MOROCCO

Co Author(s):    L. Elayyadi   O. Hacht   S. Chariba   A. Maadane   R. Sekhsoukh        

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Firstly described by Nettleship, chorioretinal folds are described to be an alternance of lines , groves and striaes of the posterior pole. Many studies have demonstrated that chorioretinal folds detected at the posterior pole may be the only sign of an underlying disease possibly requiring a multidisciplinary approach. Ocular investigaitons like OCT could help in the diagnosis and treatment can be different following to ocular or extraocular aetiology.


Ophthalmology departement, Mohammed VI university Hospital , Oujda , Morocco


We report a case of 30 years ヨold patient with chorioretinal folds secondary to reccurence of recently operated mucocele.


A 30-years-old male, with history of frontal mucocele operated 3 months before , admitted for acute visual acuity decreasing in left eye with proptosis and deep orbital pain.Examination : VA 10/10 OD and 3/10 OS , non-axial proptosis, limited motility, hyperhemia, normal IOP and anterior segment. Posterior segment: OD : concentric retinal folds, normal optic nerve head. OD : revealed no abnormalities . OCT confirmed presence combined choroidal and retinal folds interesting all the posterior pole with normal papillary OCT. CT- Scan revealed a reccurence of mucocele with compression. Surgery improved VA and regression of proptosis and chorioretinal folds.


Choroidal folds are ripples in the retinal pigment epithelium, Bruchメs membrane and may affect the neurosensory retina, and then called chorioretinal folds. Symptoms of choroid folds depend on the degree of folding of the overlying retina and its effect on the fovea, causing metamorphopsia and reduced vision. Induced hypermetropia may be seen with axial flattening. Extraconal tumours may press on sclera and give rise to choroidal folds.OCT helped us to assess degree of folding, enabling a 3D cartography. Tumours associated with choroidal folds include mucoceles,lacrimal gland tumours and orbital meningiomas.Treatment in this case is surgery.

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