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Optical coherence tomography with angiography in the ischemic diseаses of the orgаn of vision in atherosclerosis

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First Author: D. Makhkamova UZBEKISTAN

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The ?im of study w?s to ev?lu?tion of effic?cy ?nd s?fety of neuroprotector (?iticolin) ヨ OMK II in p?tients with ischemic dise?ses of org?n of vision in atherosclerosis.


T?shkent Institute of Postgr?du?te Medic?l Educ?tion


26 patients (41 eyes) with changes in the organ of vision in AS. The age contingent of patients ranged from 32 to 78 years, of which 10 were women, 16 men. Depending on the damage to target organs, all patients were conditionally divided into 2 groups: group I (19 eyes) included patients without damage, and group II (22 eyes) consisted of patients with target organs damage. 12 p?tients entered in the b?sic group (I) th?t received st?nd?rd tre?tment in combin?tion with topic?l ?pplic?tion of the drug OMK II. 14 p?tients in the control group (II) who received st?nd?rd tre?tment.


OCTA in patients of group I, a decrease in the density of capillaries of the superficial vascular network was 15% and amounted to 45.21 ᄆ 2.62%, deep vascular plexus by 19%,5.89 ᄆ 2 ,71%. In the macular region, the area of the hypoperfused retina was 1.07 ᄆ 0.14 mm2 (p <0.05). In patients of group II revealed a sharp decrease (48%) in the density of capillaries in both the superficial and deep vascular plexuses of the retina, 33.91 ᄆ 3.01%; 33.65 ᄆ 2.89%. In the macular region, the area of the non-perfused retina was 2.19 ᄆ 0.21 mm2 (p <0.05).


The use of st?nd?rd ther?py in combin?tion with OMK II in the tre?tment of AS h?s ? positive effect on the course of the dise?se, thereby, incre?se of visu?l ?cuity, ? decre?se in sector?l loss in vision fields, the positive dyn?mics OCT p?r?meters, improving hemodyn?mic p?r?meters ?t Doppler im?ging in dyn?mics. ?pplic?tion OMK II in p?tients with AS is s?fe bec?use, in p?tients of the m?in group were not recorded st?tistic?lly signific?nt indic?tors of ?dverse events ?nd viol?tions of the blood pressure ?nd he?rt r?te.

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