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Management of post traumatic orbital subperiosteal hematoma: a case report

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First Author: K. Madbouhi MOROCCO

Co Author(s):    B. Mrini   Z. Hmeimett   M. Tabchi              

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We report through our observation the clinical and radiological aspect of subperiosteal hematoma of the orbit and we discuss its therapeutic management.


Service ophtalmologie A, H�pital des sp�cialit�s, Rabat, Morocco.


We report the case of a 16-year-old child who presented to the emergency with a picture of unilateral non-pulsating exophthalmos caused by a post-traumatic orbit and limited ocular motility in elevation. Visual acuity is preserved. Palpation of the orbital frame and orbital auscultation were normal. Direct and consensual pupillary light reflexes were normal. Orbital cerebral computed tomography (CT) showing a spontaneously hyperdense, ovoid, well-defined formation, sitting in contact with the roof of the orbit, extraconic, pushing the eyeball downwards and without bone fracture. The diagnosis of hematoma subperiosteal of the orbit is based on the clinical and para-clinical picture.


In the absence of signs of seriousness, only a short course of systemic corticosteroids was prescribed with regular monitoring of visual acuity, eye tone, extent of exophthalmos, and eye motility. The evolution was marked by the progressive regression of the exophthalmos, and the progressive recovery of oculomotricity without any functional, oculomotor or visual sequelae.


Subperiosteal hematoma occurs after orbital or orbitofrontal trauma. It sits mainly at the upper part of the orbit. It is necessary to think about it in front of an exophthalmos appeared at a distance from the trauma. In the absence of signs of seriousness, the course is spontaneously favorable.

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