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Comparison of TrabEx+ and trabectome-mediated irrigating goniectomy

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First Author: N. Loewen GERMANY

Co Author(s):    Y. Al Yousef   A. Strzalkowska                 

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To determine whether excisional irrigating goniectomy with the TrabEx+ is as safe and effective as plasma-mediated ablation with the Trabectome.


Prospective interventional cohort. University Eye Clinic, W�rzburg, Germany.


Comparison of results in 90 TrabEx+ patients to Trabectome. The TrabEx+ and Trabectome (Microsurgical Technology, Bellevue, WA, US) both remove the trabecular meshwork (TM), using different approaches. The TrabEx+ uses a double blade to excise while the Trabectome molecularizes the TM using plasma. 98 TrabEx patients will be enrolled and compared to existing Trabectome data.


To date, 90 TrabEx+ patients have been enrolled and completed the 3-month follow-up visit. Tmax was 28.8�11 mmHg. The preoperative IOP of 18.0�7.0 reduced to 13.1�3.2 (day 30) and 15.1�5.6 mmHg (day 90). In the 165 Trabectome patients, IOP dropped from 22.3�5.6 to 16.7�5.6 (day 30) and 16.0�3.9 mmHg (day 90). Medications in TrabEx+ declined from 2.8�1.8 to 2.4�1.4 (day 30) and 2.7�1.7 (day 90) compared to from 2.7�1.1 to 2.4�1.5 (day 30) and 2.3�1.5 (day 90) in Trabectome. Both TrabEx+ and Trabectome achieved a significant IOP reduction without intergroup differences (p<0.05). No vision-threatening complications occurred in either group.


TrabEx+ and Trabectome lowered IOP to the same extent and in a safe manner during the time observed.

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