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Subcutaneous abdominal artificial tears pump-reservoir for severe dry eye syndrome

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First Author: A. Hervas Ontiveros SPAIN

Co Author(s):    L. Ramos González   S. García-Delpech   A. Llovet Rausell   P. Udaondo Mirete   E. España Gregori        

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The implantable tear perfusion pumps make a suitable therapeutic option for patients who need to use artificial tears continuously because of severe dry eyes. We report a case of severe eye dry eye due to xerophthalmia in a patient with Systemic Erythematosus Lupus Syndrome who was treated with an implanted pump reservoir.


The study was done at Hospital La Fe, Valencia, Spain.


The patient was treated by implanting an artificial tear pump reservoir under the subcutaneous tissues of the abdomen. The reservoir is operated by a gas pump, which pumps artificial tears to the eye from a 60 ml reservoir through a silicone tube leading subcutaneously from the reservoir via the chest, neck and lateral part of the head and after entering the conjunctival sac over the lateral canthal ligament. The reservoir must be refilled by percutaneous injection of artificial tears every 40 days


The lacrimal subcutaneous abdominal reservoir was well tolerated. A delivery of 1.5 ml/day was enough to maintain a comfortable wet eye in both eyes. After a follow-up of 12 months the signs and symptoms of dry eye were improved.


At present, this method permits a maintained wet eye surface, and the performance of corneal, conjunctival, limbal and amniotic membrane transplants in total or almost total xerophthalmia.

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