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Evaluation of lamina cribrosa changes in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma by swept source optical coherence tomography

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First Author: A. Ghanem EGYPT

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This study aimed to assess the lamina cribrosa changes in primary open angle glaucoma patient using Swept-source OCT and correlate the results with their perimetric changes


Mansoura Ophthalmic Cneter, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt


This was a prospective observational cross- sectional and analytical study which held on 60 eyes with primary open angle glaucoma and 20 healthy control subjects. Measurement of intraocular pressure using Goldmann applanation tonometry and visual field assessment using standard automated perimetry (Humphrey Visual Field Analyser II; Carl Zeiss Meditec, Dublin, California, USA) were done. All subjects were scanned using Swept Source OCT device (Triton, Topcon, Tokyo, Japan) to measure RNFL thickness, mean lamina cribrosa depth and mean lamina cribrosa thickness. Independent sample T and Mann Whitney tests were used for analysis.


Mean age of control group was 59.15ᄆ6.78 years and of glaucoma group was 60.32ᄆ9.67 years, while mean IOP was 14.22ᄆ2.24mmhg, 17.34ᄆ7.56mmhg in control group and POAG group, respectively. Rim area and rim volume were statistically significant with all grades of POAG (? 0.001), while RNFL thickness was statistically significant with moderate and severe groups only. The mean LC depth measured in the control group was 425.90ᄆ106.34ᄉm while measured 475.05ᄆ67.18ᄉm, 523.94ᄆ86.12ᄉm and 695.16ᄆ109.88ᄉm in the mild, moderate and severe groups respectively. The mean LC thickness was 156.68ᄆ22.23ᄉm while measured 141.79ᄆ32.64ᄉm, 126.16ᄆ21.45ᄉm, 115.76ᄆ16.68ᄉm in the mild, moderate and severe glaucoma groups respectively.


Lamina cribrosa depth and thickness by Swept-source OCT were statistically correlated with the grade of POAG severity.

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