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A rare case of sinonasal tumor and invasion to the right orbital wall

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First Author: S. Chaloulis GREECE

Co Author(s):    S. Chaloulis   A. Ioannou                 

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To present a case of ocular findings in a patient with sudden onset of painless, unilateral reduction of visual acuity accompanied by proptosis of the right eye.


Eye Department, Volos General Hospital, Thessaly, Greece


A 77 year old male patient attended the Eye casualty department with sudden onset of painless reduction of the visual acuity of the right eye accompanied by proptosis.From the ophthalmological examination his visual acuity in the right eye was light detection and he had marcus gunn pupil. Also, he had exotropia in frontal gaze and restriction of eye movements in right and up gaze. Examination of the retina revealed reduced blood flow in the upper branch of central retinal artery and a few scattered blood spots in the periphery. CT-scan was performed in order to determine the further diagnosis.


CT-scan revealed large space occupying lesion protruding into ethmoidal sinuses and to right orbital wall. Ocular muscles and optic nerve are in contact by the lesion without bone infiltration.


Malignant ethmoid and maxillary sinus tumors frequently involve the orbit. Orbital involvement is an important prognostic predictor of recurrence-free, disease-specific, and overall survival.

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