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Contact lens after CXL: effective way to improve visual acuity

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First Author: C. Sadouni MOROCCO

Co Author(s):    Z. Chajia   B. Jatik   A. Mchachi   L. Benhmidoune   R. Rachid   M. Elbelhadji     

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The aim is to evaluate changes in the best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) with contact lens and corneal topographic values after collagene cross-linking(CXL) treatement for keratoconus. CXL can slow down or probably stop progession of keratoconus, but after,glasses or special CLs can achieve the maximum VA after CXL..It is important to valuate safety and efficience of CLs on corneal collagen after CXL..Several studies have shown the interest of the CXL on visual acuity and more on the Mean Keratmetry,but on the other hand the role of the CLs remains poorly reported


Ophtalmology departement ,August 20th hospital,University hospital center,Casablanca,Morroco


We have included in the study fourteen patients who have benefited of a corneal collagen crosslinking Patientsï¾’mean keratometry was recorded before and after CXL procedure at 1st ,and 6th month,Also the BVCA before and after CXL at 6th month Statical analysis:descriptive data were expressed as mean+/-SD and values changes for baseline and follow-ups


7 males (50%) and 7 fameles (50%) were included. The mean age of the patients was 22.6 +/- 5.6 (11-32 years). Patients were fitted into contact lenses:miniscleral (64%),and rigid gas permeable (36%). The mean Km values before CXL procedure, at 1st, and 6th were respectively 56.3+/-6.3, 54.2+/-6.3,with significant difference between 1st and 6th moth (p<0.005). also for BVCA after wearing CLs, which improved from 0.48+/-0.2 to 0.097+/-0.1 (p<0.002).


Contact lenses are a valuable and convenient way to improve visual acuity after CXL in patients with keratoconus.

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