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DSAEK as a technique of choice of endothelial keratoplasties in complex cases or as a rescue technique to DMEK

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First Author: R. Maroto Cejudo SPAIN

Co Author(s):    R. Maroto Cejudo   O. Martin Melero   J. Granados Centeno   D. Espinosa Encalada   T. Prieto MorĂ¡n   M. Cebrian Toboso     

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To present two cases of endothelial keratoplasties where DSAEK was a preferable surgical technique instead of DMEK given the complexity of the first case and as a rescue technique to DMEK in the second case.


University Hospital Complex of Albacete. Albacete. Spain


The first case described is a patient with a history for penetrating keratoplasty and non-penetrating deep sclerectomy surgery on the left eye (LE) for recurrent herpetic eye disease where, after cataract surgery with implantation of an iris prosthetic system (IPS) due to iris atrophy, herpetic keratitis was reactivated. The second case is a patient with a history for an iris fixation Artisan lens implantation in LE after a complicated cataract surgery. Seven years later he came to consultation due to left eye visual lost. The diagnosis of corneal endothelial failure was made at that moment.


In the first case, several months after reactivation of the herpetic keratitis, DSAEK surgery was performed, resulting in an improvement of visual acuity from counting fingers to 20/40 (0.5) at the present time. In the second case of endothelial failure it was decided to perform DMEK, but during the surgery the donor graft did not unfolded adequately due to getting stuck to one of the Artisan lens haptics. It was decided to perform a rescue DSAEK surgery as a second procedure. He also presented a good postoperative evolution, from 20/400 (0.05) to 20/32 (0.6) of visual acuity.


Despite the superiority of DMEK compared to DSAEK as it is described in the literature, there are cases such as those presented in which DSAEK would be the technique of choice.

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