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The pattern of healing of the persistent corneal wound observed in the anterior segment optical coherence tomography

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First Author: M. Kochana POLAND

Co Author(s):    M. Wos                    

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To present anterior segment optical coherence tomography images as a tool to control the healing of the cornea opacified by amniotic membrane transplant and to assess healing patterns.


Ophthalmology Department, S. Zeromski Specialist Hospital in Cracow, Poland


A case presentation of an impaired corneal regeneration after injury. Anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT), Optopol, was used in the diagnostic process and for follow-up purposes. Conservative and surgical treatment was offered to the patient to enable corneal healing.


A 54 years old male patient, with a history of diabetes mellitus, was referred to our department four weeks after delayed metallic foreign body removal due to the persistent epithelial and stromal wound of the cornea. After additional two weeks of conservative treatment, no improvement was observed in the slit lamp biomicroscopy and depth and width of the corneal defect were measured with the AS-OCT at 245 ᄉm and at 1085 ᄉm accordingly. Amniotic membrane transplant was secured to the paralimbic area. Initiation of healing and gradual rebuild with final stabilization of the corneal surface was assessed by the AS-OCT.


Transitory opacification of the cornea due to the amniotic membrane transplant disturbs examination in the slit lamp biomicroscopy and can be managed by the use of the AS-OCT. Measurements of the wound on the scans assess objectively corneal healing and justify the continuation or modification of the therapy.

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