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Treatment of cornea-conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) with IFN alfa-2B in Galdakao Hospital: a 5-year retrospective study

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First Author: I. Gutiérrez Santamaría SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Alberdi Alberdi   C. López Gutiérrez   E. Corcóstegui Cortina   X. Lertxundi Plaza   A. Urkia Solorzano   M. Graña Lecuona     

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Study the tolerance, effectiveness, mean treatment time and associated carcinomas of IFN alpha-B2 in patients with a clinical diagnosis of CIN.


Hospital de Galdakao, Biscay, Spain.


All patients treated with IFN alpha-2B between the dates of January 1, 2014 and October 9, 2019 were searched. Among them, those with a clinical diagnosis of CIN were included. Two groups were established, those treated as the first line with IFN alfa-2B and those in which it was used as an adjunct to surgery.


The mean age of the included patients was 73 years. 82% were men. Tolerance of INF alpha-2B treatment was good in 82% of cases. In one case, conjunctival hyperemia was presented that did not end the treatment. The mean duration of treatment was 3.7 months, the mode being 3 months. The main result was 0% relapses in those treated with IFN alfa-2B in both groups. In 73% of the patients, an associated systemic carcinoma was found, mainly in the ENT area. Treatment with INF alpha - 2B was effective for the treatment of CIN in our group of patients.


IFN alpha-2B has shown good tolerance in 82% of patients with CIN. In this group of patients, the recurrence rate in CIN treated with IFN alfa-2B was 0%. The mean duration of IFN alpha-2B treatment in this group of patients was 3-4 months. 73% of the patients with CIN had associated systemic carcinomas. A complete history is recommended to diagnose other coexisting systemic carcinomas.

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