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A case posterior lenticonus with cataract nigra

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First Author: F. Ucar TURKEY

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Cataract Nigras are really physically rough cataracts and in these type of cataract surgeries, direction of operation is definitely important. In a nigra cataract case that we operated phacoemulsification surgery, we have seen posterior lenticonus and epinucleus plaque during the surgery. We wanted to report that case.


Konyagoz Eye Hospital


A Fifty years old female patient consulted to our clinic due to vision lost in right eye. Patient�s vision sharpness value was p+ level. Phacoemulsification operation is planned because of nigra cataract. During the operation, an epinucleus plaque which is thick and attached to rear capsule has been seen right after the nucleus cleaned by phaco probe. Then this stratified plaque has been cleaned by Coacciel I/A probe in layers. After that posterior lenticonus came out and rear capsule appeared wich was intact. Posterior caps�ler vacuuming was performed. One pieced IOL is implanted into patient.


In the patient�s first day of examination vision sharpness was 0.9 point. IOL is watched centralized, an circular pupil had been seen and no inflammatory reaction were seen.


Posterior capsule integrity is important for the implantation of IOL into the capsular bag in phacoemulsification surgery. Hydrodissection should not be preference in cases which posterior capsule integrity cannot be evaluated. If we were applied hydrodissection, we would encounter with rear capsule rupture because of posterior lenticonus. In this case, the epinuclesus plaque, which was thick and attached to the posterior capsule, was peeled off in layers. Instead of cleaning such plates at once, cleaned in layers to prevent posterior capsule rupture by I/A probe. This case has been reported because of its rareness in clinical practice.

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