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Ablation of monofocal intraocular lenses with femtosecond laser

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First Author: R. Rasier TURKEY

Co Author(s):    T. Ersoy                    

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In the study, it was aimed to transform monofocal intraocular lenses (IOL) to multifocal form with femtosecond laser application in the laboratory.


The study was conducted in Istanbul Technical University Physics Engineering laboratory.


1030nm Yb:Glass femtosecond (fs) laser was used to process the samples which were placed on a motor and moved to form rings on the surface. Fresnel zone plate(FZP) was created on the slide and then on the IOL. FZP is used to focus light using the diffraction of light and consists of concentric successive opaque and transmissive rings. The FZP will behave like a lens with a certain focal length depending on the ring radius and the wavelength of the incident light. He-Ne laser and CCD camera or CMOS detector were used to examine the focus of slides and lenses.


The repetition frequency of the Fs laser was set to 1kHz, the laser power to 6mW, and the FZP pattern was created(Figure 1a,1b). 633nm wavelength HeNe laser was passed through the samples to examine their focus. The FZP pattern created on the slide surface focused the light at 60mm as expected, depending on the ring sizes and the wavelength of the light(Figure 2). The same experiment was repeated on a monofocal IOL with the laser power set to 14mW. Similar focusing results were obtained with both the multifocal IOL by fs laser ablation and the commercially available multifocal IOL(Figures 3a,3b).


With this study, it was shown that FZP is acting as a lens and focusing the incoming light in the laboratory environment. FZP can be created by fs laser ablation on the IOL surface and it can be method to transform monofocal IOL into a multifocal IOL. In future studies, it can be investigated that by imitating the situation inside the eye, patients who have previously had a monofocal IOL can be transformed to multifocal IOL inside the eye.

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