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Surgical treatment of IOL dislocation: the influence of various methods on corneal endothelium

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First Author: V. Potemkin RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    S. Astakhov   E. Goltsman   S. Van              

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Evaluate the state of corneal endothelium after surgical treatment of IOL dislocation by 2 different techniques: IOL reposition with transscleral suture fixation and IOL exchange with implantation of iris-claw IOL.


City Hospital ?2, Saint Petersburg, Russia; Pavlov First Medical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia


78 patients (78 eyes) were examined and operated. All patients were divided into 2 groups: patients of the first group underwent IOL reposition with transscleral suture fixation according to the authorï¾’s method of limbal mini-pockets and patients of the second group underwent IOL exchange to iris-claw IOL. Groups were equal by gender and age. Key estimated indicators were best corrected visual acuity, endothelial cell density and coefficient of variation. These parameters were assessed before surgery and 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after surgery.


Best corrected visual acuity did not significantly differ in groups throughout the study (?>0.05). Endothelial cell density was significantly lower and coefficient of variation was significantly higher before operation and throughout the study in group of IOL exchange (?<0.05). Percentage of endothelial cell loss after 3 months and 6 months after surgery was higher in group with IOL exchange (?<0.05).


Nowadays the rate of intraoperative complications of cataract surgery is minimal. IOL dislocation continues to be one of the main complications. The search for an effective and safe method of the IOL fixation remains one of the major problems in anterior segment surgery. Choice of technique of IOL dislocation correction is the basis of success of surgical correction, which must take into account the data of preoperative examination: degree of dislocation, IOL model, IOP level, endothelial cell density and presence of concomitant ocular pathology. IOL exchange is associated with greater endothelial cell loss comparing to transscleral suture fixation.

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