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Randomised clinical trial between 3 chopping techniques: stop & chop vs direct chop vs terminal chop

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First Author: A. Morya INDIA

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This is the first clinical trial of the World to compare ergonomics & various parameters in 3 chopping techniques - stop&chop vs direct chop vs a new terminal chop technique.This includes demography, pre&post-op visual-acuity(VA),endothelial cell loss(ECL),Central Corneal Thickness(CCT).Also intra-op complications & phaco parameters like cumulative dissipation of energy(CDE),Ultrasonic time(UST), Effective phaco time(EPT)&Torsional Phaco time(TPT).


At a tertiary Eyecare post-graduate Institute of Western Rajasthan, India. A single skilled phaco surgeon performed over 100 cases of phacoemulsification in each randomised group of chopping-technique in the grade 2 to 5 nucleus of cataract.


Randomisation was computer generated through a software and phaco was performed using three different techniques and pre and post-op parameters were noted along with the intra-op phaco parameters and complications. All cases were done by a single surgeon and using the same Alcon-Infiniti Phaco-System. This was the first such study to compare a newer technique of phaco-chop i.e Terminal-Chop.


There was no significant difference noted in demography, improvement of VA,ECL,changes in CCT, intra-op complications, phaco-parameters like UST,TPT & EPT. But there was a significant p value difference of <0.03 was noted in Terminal-chop technique over the other stop&chop and direct chop on comparing the CDE in all grades of nucleus(2-5). Statistically there was no difference between stop&chop and direct chop technique while dealing with all grades of nucleus.


Terminal-chop is a newer technique of nucleus chopping and on comparing it with the other two well-established techniques of stop&chop and direct-chop there was no statistically significant difference noted except in comparing CDE with a significant"p" value of<0.03. So Terminal chop is an easy and efficient technique to decrease CDE levels to a minimum with a special blunt tip wedge-shaped chopper- Terminator Chopper.

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