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Phaco parameters in eyes with and without glaucoma filtration surgery due to pseudoexfoliation glaucoma

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First Author: C. Ilhan TURKEY

Co Author(s):    A. Kocak Altintas                    

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To compare the phaco time parameters including ultrasound time (UST), effective phaco time (EPT), and average phaco power (APP) in eyes with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma (PEG) and had or had not glaucoma filtration surgery.


University of Health Sciences, Ulucanlar Eye Research and Training Hospital, Ankara.


In this retrospective comparative study, Group 1 was constructed with 84 PEG patients had not operated previously and Group 2 was constructed with 49 PEG patients had glaucoma filtration surgery. The mean values of UST, EPT, and APP were compared. The preoperative clinical characteristics and performed surgical manipulations were also compared.


The mean ages and male-to-female ratios of the groups were similar (p>0.05, for both). There was no difference in the preoperative clinical characteristics, including biometric values between the groups (p>0.05, for all). Some surgical manipulations, including stretching (p=0.004), pupillary membrane peeling (p=0.021), iris hook using (p=0.041), and capsular tension ring using (p=0.041), were significantly performed more commonly in Group 2. Although the mean UST and EPT values were similar (p>0.05, for both), the mean APP value was significantly lower in Group 2 (p=0.011).


The lower APP parameter was observed in PEG patients having had glaucoma filtration surgery. Needing more surgical manipulation to overcome poor pupillary dilation and weak zonular instability can be a reason for this result.

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