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Modified manual small incision cataract surgery: an audit

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First Author: M. Ifraheem PAKISTAN

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To determine whether our modified Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) technique has visual outcome and posterior capsular rupture rate comparable to the internationally accepted standards.


Layton Rehmatulla Benevolent Trust Eye Hospital Karachi


The audit was conducted between 01/11/2019 and 30/11/2019 and included 100 consecutive surgeries by one surgeon. Data was obtained from electronic patient record, patient files, surgical complication logbook, postoperative refraction and visual acuity (7th postoperative day) logbook. The audit standards were developed from National Ophthalmology Database Audit UK, which are as under; ユ Posterior capsular rupture rate 1.4% or less ユ Over all Snellen visual acuity of 6/12 or better in 89.2% Further published evidence was used to develop the following standard. ユ Surgically induced astigmatism of 2DC or less in 85% of the cases


All standards were achieved. Refractive and visual acuity data of 85 (85%) patients who came for follow up showed that 77 (90.50%) patients had 6/12 or better corrected Snellen acuity, 07(8.23%) patients had 6/18 & 01(1.17%) patient had counting finger VA on 7th postoperative day. 74(87.05%) patients had surgically induced astigmatism of less than 2DC, 7(8.23%) patients had 2.5-3DC and 4(4.70%) had over 3DC of postoperative astigmatism. Posterior capsular rupture did not occur in any case.


This audit showed that our modified technique (incision was made with 3.2mm keratome in 3 step entry fashion in one go without conjunctival peritomy, cautery and the use of crescent blade) has comparable outcomes to conventional MSICS and phacoemulsification.

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