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Visual outcomes after low-level laser energy combined with liquid infiltration during lenticule separation in small incision lenticule extraction

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First Author: J.Bai CHINA

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To evaluate the safety and accuracy of low-level laser energy combined with liquid infiltration in small-incision lenticule extraction.


Department of Ophthalmology Daping Hospital affiliated to the Army Medical University, Changjiang branch, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China


128 eyes of 64 patients (34 male, 30 female) who underwent SMILE were recruited for this study. The mean age and preoperative manifest spherical equivalent were 27.8±6.2 and -5.32±1.24 diopters (D) respectively. All surgeries were performed by liquid infiltration method to separate lenticule, using VisuMax femtosecond laser (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Germany) with cut energy of 115 nJ, cap thickness of 120 μm, 6.20 to 6.50 mm lecticule diameters, and a 2-mm superior incision following the standard surgical technique. Glucocorticoid and anti-bacterial agents were used after surgery.


The latticed black spots were observed in the peripheral area in 12 eyes, however there was no black spots in optical zone and obvious OBL. Burr defect appears on the edge of the lenticule in 7 eyes. There were 9 eyes and 0 eye respectively in this study which UCVA one day and one week after surgery failed to achieve preoperative BCVA, while there were 24 eyes and 52 eyes which UCVA exceeded BCVA. Three months after surgery, the percentage of spherical equivalent refraction and astigmatism is equal to or less than 0.50 D and 0.50DC is 96% and 86%.


The clinical outcomes of combination of low-level laser energy with liquid infiltration method for the lenticule separation in SMILE were optimal.

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