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Glasgow benefit inventory: a generic post intervention patient-reported outcome measure used in cataract surgery audit

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First Author: C.Diaper UK

Co Author(s):    C. Diaper                    

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Report the use of the Glasgow Benefit Inventory (GBI) in a completed audit cycle of cataract surgery


Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and New Victoria Hospital,Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board, NHS Scotland


The GBI is a validated, generic, post intervention questionnaire. This generates a score between -100 and +100 with 0 indicating no benefit of the intervention being studied.This was administered to post op cataract patients by telephone a minimum 6 weeks post cataract operation. Patients were identified using a department based prospective audit. Patients with interoperative complications were excluded. GBI results correlated to prospective departmental cataract audit outcomes. This was done at 2 time points, in 2016 and 2018 to complete an audit cycle of the use of a patient reported outcome measure (GBI) within the ongoing departmental cataract audit.


The GBI was administered to a total of 215 patients; first cohort was of 65 patients and second of 150 patients. The overall mean (sd) score of 215 patients was +20.8 (19.7); the first cohort was +22.73 (18.8), the second +19.9 (14.4). Total scores were not significant different between the cohorts. There was no difference between genders or first or second eyes or grade of surgeron. There was no difference between Caucasians and non-Caucasians.


GBI scores show significantly improved quality of life after cataract surgery with similar improvements with first and second eye surgery. The GBI appears stable in reporting outcomes between cohorts separated by gender, eye surgery and time. As a post intervention single application, the GBI may have utility in routinely capturing patient reported outcomes in time poor units, with high turn over.

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