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Changes in corneal densitometry after routine cataract surgery with toric intraocular lens or peripheral corneal incisions to correct corneal astigmatism up to 2.5D

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First Author: I.Zukaite UK

Co Author(s):    M. Nanavaty   -                 

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To compare corneal densitometry (CD) outcome after toric intraocular lens (tIOL) or peripheral corneal relaxing incisions (PCRI) for astigmatism between 0.75 and 2.5 dioptres (D) during cataract surgery.


Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton. UK.


Eighty eyes (80 patients), who underwent cataract surgery were randomized to receive either tIOL or PCRI in this study. The participants were assessed preoperatively and 1, 3, 6, 12 months postoperatively. A Scheimpflug system (Oculus Pentacam) was used to measure pre- and postoperative CD in all eyes. CD was analysed in 4 concentric radial zones (Zone 1: 0-2 mm, zone 2: 2-6 mm, zone 3: 6-10 mm and zone 4: 10-12 mm) around the corneal apex and in 3 different corneal layers (anterior 120µm, mid-stromal and posterior 60µm). The CD values are expressed in gray scale units (GSU).


Preoperative total corneal CD for PCRIs (27.35±5.57) significantly reduced postoperatively at 1 (26.10±4.64, P=0.01), 3 (25.28±5.06, P=0.0001), 6 (25.62±5.33, P=0.002) and 12 months (24.18±4.63, P=0.0001) whereas for tIOLs preoperative (28.26±6.92) reduced at 3 (26.36±5.32, P=0.01), 6 (27.03±4.78, P=0.002) and 12 months (25.72±4.99, P=0.0005) only. CD significantly reduced at 3, 6 and 12 months in anterior and mid-stromal layers for tIOLs in zones 1 to 3 only and for PCRIs, in zones 1 & 2 only. There was no significant difference between groups for any zones and follow-up. 'PCRI change the CD in outermost zone more, although, not statistically significant.


The procedure of cataract surgery with tIOL or PCRI to correct astigmatism upto 2.5D does reduce CD over 1-year follow-up in both groups but there was no significant different between the groups. In both of the groups, CD values change significantly in central corneal zones more than peripheral and they change more in anterior and mid-stromal layers compared to posterior corneal layer.

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