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Visual performance with the Ankoris toric intraocular lens (IOL)

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First Author: J.Salgado-Borges PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    F. Esteves   P. Faria   A. Silva   A. Borges   I. Ferreira        

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To investigate visual and refractive outcomes and refractive predictability with the monofocal toric ANKORIS IOL.


Hospital Privado da Boa Nova, Department of Opthalmology, Porto, Portugal


Patients with cataract and significant cylinder between 1.75D and 4.5D (mean: 2.91±0.84D) were consecutively enrolled to undergo cataract surgery with implantation of the toric monofocal Ankoris IOL (PhysIOL SA, Liège, Belgium). Visual and refractive outcomes were analysed 3 months after surgery. Centroids of postoperative cylinder and prediction error were determined.


The mean age of the 8 patients (14 eyes) was 69.8±9.1 years. CDVA was 0.0 logMAR or better in all eyes, except for one eye with preoperative anisometropia and amblyopia. A total of 57.1% and 92.9% of the eyes reached a UDVA of 0.0 logMAR or better and 0.1 or better, respectively. Mean CDVA and UDVA were 0.02±0.06 and 0.04±0.06, respectively. Mean postoperative spherical equivalent was -0.04±0.44D and 86% of the eyes were within ±0.5D of the targeted refraction. A total of 57.1% and 92.9% of the eyes reached a cylinder ≤0.5D and ≤1.0D, respectively, with a centroid of 0.23D@121°.


The toric monofocal ANKORIS IOL provides excellent visual outcomes with a good refractive predictability. The excellent UDVA results confirm the suitability of the IOL constants and the toric calculator provided by the manufacturer.

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