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Consistent marking and transitional conic cylinder IOLs to improve results of astigmatism correction

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First Author: N.Canali ITALY

Co Author(s):    L. Tonti   J. Plepyte   V. Miglio   S. Moreni           

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main objective is to evaluate the improvement of the result of the correction of astigmatism by introducing improvement of the process of marking the refractive corneal axis.


Fondazione Poliambulanza Istituto Ospedaliero Brescia Italy


sixty patients underwent cataract surgery with artificial toric IOL implantation. All patients were implanted with Ophtec Precizon hydrophilic acrylic, toric IOL, designed to be more tolerant of misalignment due to aspherical transitional conic cylinder surface and duble aptic to stabilize the IOL in the bag. 40 patients were implanted after slitlamp marking of the steppest axis. 20 patients were impalnted by introducing corneal mapping performed with corneal reference in the immediate preoperative period,so as to refer to the refractive axis in relationship with the cornel marking that is used shortly in the operating room. What we call consistent marking.


The group of IOLs positioned in reference to the slit-lamp marking show an astigmatism correction equal to 83% of the preoperative defect. The group of IOLs positioned in reference to the coherent topographic marking present an astigmatism correction equal to 90% of the preoperative defect. Astigmatic refraction axis has a mean error of 14 degrees in the first group and of 10 degree in the second group. 1 moth postoperative astigmatic axis from abberrometer shows a mean misalignment of the IOL equal to 5 degrees (+/-6 SD).


Using a refined astigmatic lens allowed the mean correction of 87% of the patient's astigmatic defect. There is a stastically significant increase in accuracy of astigmatic correction using consistent marking. The introduction of immediate preoperative corneal marking associated to a cornea remapping can improve IOL orientation. the Topoaberrometric evaluation is the most precise system to accurately calculate the misalignment between corneal map and intarocular lens. Atigmatic axis calculated with aberrometer represents a more reliable objective datum and it should be preferred to monitor patients

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