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Role of angle kappa in patients' visual quality with trifocal diffractive intraocular lens

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First Author: G.Zhao CHINA

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To evaluate the visual quality of the patients with different angle kappa after a trifocal diffractive intraocular Lens implantation.


The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University .


Enrolling 51 eyes of 51 patients who had phacoemulsification with implantation of trifocal IOL AT LISA tri 839MP. According to the size of preoperative angle kappa, patients were divided into three groups. Monocular UCVA were measured at distance, intermediate, and near during a 3-month follow-up. Other outcome measurements were MTF cutoff, Strehl ratio, contrast visual acuity and OSI. All patients also completed a subjective questionnaire survey, including surgical satisfaction, spectacle independence, perception of photic phenomena.


The incidence of glare and halo was different in postoperative, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). There were no statistical significances in three groups after surgery in the following variables: UCDVA, IUCVA, UCNVA, MTF cut off, SR and spectacle independence (p> 0.05).The difference of MTF cutoff and SR between the angle kappa max and the minimum interval was statistically significant (p <0.05). A great majority of patients were satisfied with the operation.


Angle kappa may not affect patients' postoperative far, intermediate, and near vision. However, when the angle kappa greater than 0.5mm, the patients' visual quality decreased, glare, halo and other adverse symptoms increased, the difference was statistically significant, but the sample size is small, still need more follow-up clinical data support. In clinical work, for patients with larger angle kappa, chose to implant trifocal intraocular lens should be careful.

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