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Visual outcome comparison between multifocal additive sulcus IOLs and bifocal IOLs implantation 

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First Author: N.L'hirondel FRANCE

Co Author(s):    T. Raffray   J. Bertholom   F. Le Guyader              

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Comparison of visual scores of two groups of pseudophakic patients: the control group, the group one , implanted with bifocal IOLs and the group studied,the group two, implanted with monofocal IOL combined with sulcus multifocal IOL.


CHU Rennes & Centre vision Bretagne, 5600 Vannes, FRANCES


this controlled study compares visual scores in pseudophakic patients with on one side the supplementary sulcus multifocal IOL (addition +3D), the studied group and on the other side with a regular bifocal IOLs in the two eyes (addition +3D,), the control group. Visual acuity at distance (4 m), intermediate (70 cm) and near (40 cm) as well as contrast sensitivity and defocus curve from +1D to -4D per 0.5D are measured. A patient satisfaction questionnaire is conducted. A Mann-Withney test is performed to compare outcomes between groups


24 eyes were included in the study group, ,30 eyes in the control group. No explantation was necessary. We had no complications .No significant difference was found between groups for the visual acuities. The defocus curves demonstrated a peak shift from -3D to -2.5D for group 2; while in group 1, the addition was  +3D. For that reason, group 2 was better in the intermediate range at -2D and -2.5D and the group 1 was better at -3D. The contrast sensitivity was in the range of the patient’s age. Patient satisfaction was high in any case.


This sulcus multifocal IOL is a good solution for patients with a monofocal IOL in comparaison with a bifocal IOLs .A supplementary multifocal IOLs can be considered in case of multifocality although it may need to be reversible. This reversibility is interesting in many case, for example: for young diabetic patients.

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