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Mix-and-match vs extended-vision lens: is there any difference?

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First Author: L.Izquierdo Jr PERU

Co Author(s):    M. Henriquez   R. Araujo   D. Altamirano   C. Gajardo           

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To evaluate the visual results and patient satisfaction after cataract surgery with the bilateral implantation of extended vision intraocular lens (IOL) (ZXR00) vs. mix and match (one eye with ZXR00 and the other with LIO tecnis ZMB00 bifocal diffractive).


Instituto de Ojos OftalmoSalud, Lima, PerĂº


Prospective cohort study that included 60 patients with cataract surgery at the Eye Institute Oftalmosalud, Lima-Peru, between January 2016 and June 2016. 30 patients with phacoemulsification and bilateral implantation of IOL Tecnis Symfony ZXR00 and 30 patients Mix and match (one eye with ZXR00 IOL and the other with bifocal diffractive IOL Tecnis ZMB00). At 3 months, the refraction manifested, uncorrected visual acuity at distance (UDVA), intermediate (UIVA), near (UNVA) and the best visual acuity corrected at distance (CDVA) intermediate (CIVA) and near (CNVA) was evaluated. using the defocus curve. Visual Function Questionnaire -25 (VFQ-25) was tested in all patients.


Bilateral ZXR00, mean bilateral UDVA was 0.04LogMAR, the mix and match group was 0.01LogMAR(p = 0.08).Mean UIVA was 0.26LogMAR in bilateral group ZXR00 and 0.42 of LogMAR in Mix and match group(p = 0.05). Mean CNVA was 0.2 LogMAR in bilateral ZXR00 group and 0.13 LogMAR in mix and match group(p = 0.06).The defocus range (0.18 LogMAR or better) was extended from + 0.5D to -2.5D in bilateral ZXR00 and from + 0.5D to -3.5D in Mix and Match group.Bilateral ZXR00 had maximum VA peaks at 2m(-0.5D) and 66cm(-1.5D). Patient satisfaction was 95% or higher in both groups.


The bilateral extended vision group and the mix and match group showed excellent close and distant visual acuity. The defocus curve showed a clear intermediate distance vision in both groups

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