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Comparison of visual and refractive outcomes of three different types of toric IOLs for correction of higher degrees of astigmatism

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First Author: B.Thajudeen UK

Co Author(s):    M. Popiela   G. Yeldham   V. Kumar              

Abstract Details


To compare the visual and refractive outcomes of patients who underwent cataract surgery with implantation of Rayner Toric Intra ocular lens, Envista Toric intra ocular lens or Tecnis Toric intra ocular lens in a single centre for higher degrees of astigmatism and to look at rotational stability and complications associated with each type of lens.


Bridgend Eye Unit, Princess of Wales Hospital, Wales. UK


Retrospective data collection of 45 patients with pre-operative astigmatism of more than 3 dioptres. 14 patients received Rayner toric intra ocular lens, 16 patients received Envista toric intra ocular lens and 15 patients received Tecnis toric intra ocular lens. Data collected include pre - operative vision, refraction, keratometric astigmatism, type of intra ocular lens, lens orientation, refractive aim, surgeon, incision axis and post- operative refractive outcome and uncorrected and best corrected vision. A subgroup analysis of results of different surgeon for each type of IOL was also done with the above data.


60% had post- operative uncorrected vision of 6/6 or better and 87% 6/12 or better. 50% had residual astigmatism of 0.5 Dioptre or less. Tecnis group had the best post op UCVA, 70% having 6/6 or better and 100% having 6/12 or better. This was 54% and 85% respectively for Rayner and 57% and 71% for Envista. In Tecnis group, 77% had residual astigmatism of 0.5 dioptre or less. Tecnis lenses gave 88% reduction in astigmatism while this was 72% for Rayner and 57% for Envista lenses. One patient in the Envista group had lens rotation by around 30 degrees.


Of the three types of toric lenses, Tecnis lenses gave better outcome with regards to post- operative uncorrected vision and residual astigmatism. They also had good rotational stability and best reduction in astigmatism.

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