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A new IOL generation: finally we can count on a safe/proper/suitable stability in the bag

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First Author: F.Spedale ITALY

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To evaluate Rayner RayOne hydrophilic IOL with lock and roll fully pre-loaded injection system and double C loop in terms of easy introduction control and above all in terms of stability response and quality of vision.


ASST Franciacorta Ospedale di Chiari Brescia


150 eyes were subjected to cataract surgery by a single operator in the age of 65 to 93 years, with cataracts from 2 + to 4 +. The implanted lens was the Rayner RayOne preloaded Of all the preoperative chamber depth was analyzed and the value of the implanted lens was calculated on the first negative value by the calculation obtained with IOL Master 500 and the formula SRKT. At a distance of 1 month, the depth of the Anterior Chamber has been recalculated using IOLMaster. The positioning of the lens in the capsular bag was veryfied with Pentacam


The post-operative average visual acuity was 9.4/10 +/-0.5 with 0.25 SF +/-0.12. The average pre-operative chamber depth was 2.48 mm +/-0.12, while the post-operative was 4.01 +/-0.05 mm. The image acquired with Pentacam has shown a well centered lens in the capsular bag without tilting phenomena in the capsular bag


Rayner Rayone is a lens that ensures optimum post-operative stability in the capsular bag; The lens remains well centered, without any tilting phenomena, thus guaranteeing not only an excellent quantity of vision but also an excellent quality of vision. It will be interesting to evaluate the same platform IOL including the Toric correction as soon available.

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