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In vitro comparison of minimal size injection of acrylic hydrophobic intraocular lenses

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First Author: P.Rozot FRANCE

Co Author(s):    C. Chong   L. Saidi   Y. Guldenfels              

Abstract Details


To assess the injectability of various hydrophobic intraocular lenses in standardized conditions of injection


Acrylian Ltd, 22 rue de la Ganzau 67000 STRASBOURG, FRANCE; Clinique Juge, 108 rue Mermoz 13008 MARSEILLE FRANCE


Medicel Accuject injectors with cartridges of 2.1mm, 1,8mm and 1,6mm and Medicel ViscoJect injector with cartridges of 1.5mm were used at an external temperature of 19°C; the lenses were folded under protection of 1,2% hyaluronate OVD and then injected in a Petri box filled with water at 34°C, using a mechanical device with measurement of the strength necessary to push the IOL; video of unfolding IOLs were also performed


2 or 3 samples of the different models of IOLS were used. SN60WF, FocusForce, Tecnis and Vivinex IOLs were injectables only through 2.1mm cartridges; Aris, Acrygem2, Envista, EyeCeeOne and Lucia IOLs could be injected with the 1.8mm, 1.6mm and 1.5 mm cartridges. Video analysis of unfolding durations showed: less than 5 seconds for FocusForce IOL; 5-10 sec for Artis, AcryGem2, EyeCeeOne, Vivinex and SN60WF IOLs; more than 15 sec for Envista, Tecnis and Lucia IOLs


We found significant differences in minimal sizes of injection, and significant differences of unfolding duration of the studied IOLs

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