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In vitro modeling of the impact of off-axis light source on axis image quality with various aspheric hydrophobic acrylic monofocal IOL platforms

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First Author: A.Pilon USA

Co Author(s):    K. Venkateswaran   N. Tiwari   V. Kolesnitchenko              

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To measure and quantify the impact of off-axis light on halo and glare with various hydrophobic acrylic monofocal intraocular lenses and to study its effect of off-axis light on modulation transfer function under mesopic conditions.


Tatvum Research Facilities, Irvine, CA


Study design consisted of placing individual intraocular lens (IOLs) of various aspheric designs into a wet cell fixture positioned at a physiologic distance behind an ISO model cornea with an aperture of 4.5 mm to mimic the geometry of the normal human eye under mesopic conditions. A real-world scene under polychromatic low light conditions in the presence of an off-axis light source was recorded using a CCD camera positioned at the retinal plane. A metric using pixel count to calculate a signal-to-noise ratio was used to quantify observed halo and glare.


Certain hydrophobic monofocal IOL designs demonstrated a greater capacity to induce halos and glare in response to off-axis light. Designs demonstrating a higher glare and halo effect produced lower levels of on-axis contrast for a point source image. Modulation Transfer Function values derived from photographic images quantified the impact of background levels of off-axis light on mesopic contrast sensitivity.


Assessment of various hydrophobic acrylic monofocal IOLs capacity to manifest glare and halo with off-axis light and its impact on residual image contrast has not been previously evaluated. Data obtained using model eye on an optical bench in the presence of an off axis light source suggest that SA neutral monofocal IOLs have at least 20% higher strehl ratio resulting in potentially lower halos. With decentration, glare levels are higher for IOLs with higher SA. Our investigation demonstrates that off-axis light impacts various monofocal IOL design more significantly than other and translates into reduced axial point source contrast.

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