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Early experience in visualisation of the retina with the small-aperture IOL

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First Author: G.Quesada EL SALVADOR

Co Author(s):    R. Quesada   K. Waltz                 

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The small aperture IOL uses the pinhole principle to provide extended depth of focus. It is usually implanted in the non-dominant eye to provide improved unaided intermediate and near vision. This is a retrospective report of our early experience with this technology. and the factibility of funds photography and retinal OCT noted between the small aperture IOL and fellow eyes implanted with monodical IOL To evaluate unaided distance, intermediate, and near vision and retinal visibility, funds photography and retina OCT with the small aperture IOL implanted in the capsular bag.


Clinica Quesada, Grupo Oftalmo&Plastico, San Salvador, El Salvador


A total of 68 patients were implanted with a non-pigmented monofocal IOL in their dominant eye and a non-pigmented, small aperture IOL in their non-dominant eye. At one week and month, their vision was recorded in each eye at distance, intermediate, and near, monocularly and binocularly. The visibility of their maculas and optic nerves was evaluated examination, digital fundus photography, and OCT at preop, a week, and a month postop. The contralateral eye with a standard monofocal IOL served as the control.


Visual acuity results have been reported in Europe form the Small Aperture IOL with very good reports, however what we have noted in patients present for retina exams is that retina imaging through the IOL mask’s central aperture is possible, with no difference in funds photography and retinal OCT noted between the small aperture IOL and the fellow eye implanted with a monofocal IOL


Technicians and ophthalmologist have reported that OCT and other routine diagnostic testing can be performed successfully and that different instruction for small aperture IOL eyes are not required.

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