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Clinical comparison between Symfony ZXR00V and ZKB00

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First Author: S.Noguchi JAPAN

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To investigate the defferences between ZKB00 which has the conventional diffraction grating of the 2.75D additional power and simfony ZXR00V which has eshellott diffraction grating.


Saeikai Tsukazaki Hospital


The subjects were the patients who ware underwent cataract surgery and implanted with ZKB00 and ZXR00V in tsukazaki Hospital. I performed visual acuity test at 5m, 50cm, 30cm, measured contrast sensitivity (GCT-1000), and measured size and intensity of halo and glare using Halo& Glare simulator at 3 month after the cataract operation.


With Halo&Glare simulator, Halo size of ZKB00 and ZXR00V was 53.35 and 63.48(p=0.129), Halo intensity was 56.4 and 58.24(p=0.819), Glare size was 23.85 and 20.40 (p=0.544), and Glare intensity was 28.17 and 20.20(p=0.229).Uncorrected visual acuity(UCVA) at 5m of ZKB00 and ZXR00V was -0.04 and -0.029 (p=0.48), UCVA at 50cm was 0.091, 0.142 (p=0.024*), and UCVA at 30cm was 0.211, 0.363 (p=0.001*). Area under the log contrast sensitivity function (AULCSF) on non Glare of ZKB00 and ZXR00V was 2.87 and 2.88(p=0.67), AUCSF on Glare was 2.86 and 2.92(p=0.02).


I compared ZKB00 which has conventional 2.75D additional diffractive grating and symfony ZXR00V which has the 3 times deeper diffractive grating and correct the chromatic aberration. ZKB00 was better UCVA at 50cm, 30cm and Halo size. ZXR00V was better AULCSF with Glare. It suggest that we could select ZKB00 rather than symphony ZXR00V for the patients who want to see intermediate and near vision without wearing glasses and hate the Halo, and select ZXR00V for the patients who hate the contrast decreasing.

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